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Business profile

Adept Software is a 100% Polish company incorporated in 2003. The company's headquarters is located in the heart of Poznań. The main object of the company's business is creating, implementing and maintaining advanced IT systems for small- and medium-sized companies.

Adept Software's offer includes two main product lines: Mobile systems dedicated to companies with dispersed, field sales forces. Analytical systems enabling companies to integrate data from various sources and systems, process the data and present it in a user-friendly manner.


Mobile systems

Adept Software is a key Polish supplier of SFA (Sales Force Automation) class mobile solutions, class FFA (Field Force Automation) systems for optimizing the company's field resources and the mCRM class (Mobile Customer Relationship Management) mobile customer relationship management system for Windows Mobile and Android.

The company's portfolio includes over 70 mobile projects. Our main clients include production and trading companies from various industries. The majority of these companies are from the FMCG industry as well as the fields of pharmaceutics, book distribution, crop protection chemicals production and distribution, distribution of packaging and internal decoration products.


Analytical systems

Adept Software is the supplier of an analytical-reporting solution whose main purpose is to deliver information necessary for efficient company management, obtained through the processing of data available in existing company systems.

The system is generally composed of two analytical tools:

  •  software for modelling and supplying data from various sources to the Data Warehouse,
  • Business - Intelligence class software for the development of multidimensional analyses at various levels of detail, the transformation of data into information.

Every company, without exception, will benefit from our offer of analytical system implementation. Business activity involves the collection of large amounts of data. But the key to success is its proper analysis and rational decision-making. This is where Adept's analytical solution comes to aid.


The Company's mission:

"Boosting the company's efficiency by implementing advanced IT solutions supplying the knowledge necessary for rational decision-making"

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