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Business Intelligence Adept

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Business Intelligence Adept is a technological platform enabling the generation of multidimensional analyses based on data collected in the Adept Data Warehouse using the OLAP (On-line Analytical Processing) analytical tools. The used OLAP technology enables the creation of flexible and multi-thread business queries to the Adept Data Warehouse, quick and efficient generation of answers and a clear mode of data presentation in the form of a pivot table. The system also enables the use of both physical data structures recorded in the Warehouse and forming so-called data cubes, and virtual cubes, i.e. structures created by combining several physical cubes.

Typical operations performed by BI Adept:
  • Drill Up – (aggregation) moving onto higher levels of data generality,
  • Drill Down – moving onto more detailed data levels,
  • Selection – selection of data of interest to the analyst,
  • Projection – reduction of the amount of dimensions,
  • Cutting – combining selection with projection,
  • Sorting – creating value-based rankings,
  • Rotating – exchanging dimensions based on rows and columns.

Apart from the above standard operations, BI Adept enables more advanced operations using measures included in analyses:
  • Performing any arithmetical operation on one or more measures,
  • Setting trends for specified measures.

The presentation of the results of generated analyses is performed on three layers:
  1. Table,
  2. Graph,
  3. Value presentation on maps.

The reporting can be conducted in two ways:
  1. Ad-hoc – the report is performed at the report user's request,
  2. According to the specified schedule, i.e. on the first day of the next month for the previous month.

In addition, BI Adept supports repositories of templates and completed reports.

Reports can also undergo the procedure of subscription, i.e. the periodical performance of reports which are then sent via e-mail to indicated users or exported to external files such as xls, pdf, jpg etc.

Due to its business nature, the software is mainly devoted to analysts and management staff on all levels.
  1. Table


  2. Graph


  3. Map

  4. Dashboard


  5. Report definiotion


  6. Scope filter


  7. Calculated measure


  8. Trend


  9. Source Data


  10. Report template


  11. Subtotals abd grand totals for columns and rows


  12. Drill up


  13. Drill down


  14. Sorting


  15. Value Filters


  16. Export to excel


Benefits from implementing Business Intelligence Adept:
  1. Provides up-to-date and comprehensible management information for various users
  2. Limits time-consumption during the performance of reports and analyses,
  3. Unifies company reporting,
  4. Provides cross-sectional knowledge about the whole company,
  5. Sets Key Performance Indicators for the company,
  6. Helps correlate data,
  7. Facilitates the process of trend forecasting,
  8. Optimizes company resources management,
  9. Enables the user to shift from general company events to their detailed causes,
  10. Identifies business opportunities and risks,
  11. Helps understand customer behaviour,
  12. Mitigates the risk connected with decision-making.
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