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Adept Data Warehouse

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Adept Data Warehouse is a thematic database storing large amounts of data collected in time. Data introduced into the Adept Data Warehouse can come from various external sources: any relational sql database, e.g. Microsoft SQL Serwer, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL, FireBird, pliki xls, csv and xml. In practice, these are the databases of all applications used in business, mostly class ERP/MRP systems and CRM systems, mobile SFA/FFA with GIS geographical information systems. The Adept Data Warehouse is characterized by the fact that data is thematically ordered according to key business processes, data integrity exhibited in the centralization of data storage, as well as the description of each business event in temporary dimension.

The Adept Data Warehouse solution also provides the tools necessary to model the structure of the data warehouse, as well as to supply data to it.

The Adept Data Warehouse is designed in three stages:
  1. Design of the business model – as a result of the conducted strategic analysis, a map of measures and dimensions is drawn for individual business processes.
  2. Design of the logical model – detailed design of data structures and auxiliary facilities.
  3. Design of the physical model – detailed design of the warehouse on a data storage device: data format, indices, clusters etc.

The main task during the designing of a data warehouse is the proper definition of measures and dimensions which define a consistent, multidimensional data model. As measures we use numerical indicators which answer questions such as what is the quantity of the product in a given order, while the dimensions are discrete values, constant or rarely changing, which represent the description data and answer the question: who, what. The most popular dimensions include: the customer, the product, time etc. The dimensions are organized into hierarchies which define their level in the data structure. Measures and dimensions are stored in the Data Warehouse in retail, non-aggregated form and in the form of ready aggregates/ thematic cubes.

The Adept Data Warehouse provides ETL tools (Extract, Transform, Load) supporting the process of downloading data to the data warehouse from external sources. Their tasks involve:
  1. Extract – extracting, reading data from external data sources,
  2. Transform – transforming data, i.e. combining, validating, verifying the data, introducing time indicators.
  3. >Load – loading data into the data warehouses.

The main purpose of the Adept Data Warehouse is to organize data obtained from the company's external sources to enable quick and easy transformation of data into information and of information into business knowledge optimizing the management's decision-making process with the use of the Business Intelligence Adept tool described in further chapters. The Adept Data Warehouse application is dedicated to companies wishing to implement IT solutions, with at least basic IT knowledge, mainly from the field of databases.
  1. Storing large amounts of retail data from other operation systems of the company,
  2. Processing, cleaning and standardizing source data,
  3. Modelling data structures in order to optimize analysis efficiency,
  4. Aggregation of retail data,
  5. Taking account of the time indicator for input data.
The benefits connected with implementing the Adept Data Warehouse:
  1. Integration of dispersed data, maintaining their integrity and compliance with applicable standards.
  2. Increase in the quality of data as a result of its verification and cleaning,
  3. Aggregation of data for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of analyses generation,
  4. Thematic orientation of data,
  5. Archiving of data from transactional systems,
  6. Easy management of access rights to specific data,
  7. Easy addition of new data sources to the sets of analysed data,
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