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Adept Connector

Information library
Data exchange with our clients' storage and sales systems is the primary function of the Adept system. Our approach involves constantly extending the list of applications with which Adept communicates and the scope of exchanged data.

List of applications with which Adept communicates:
  1. PIW Rayo Sp. z o.o. company's solutions
    • Kompleks
  2. Small Bizness by the company Studio Komputerowe Symplex
  3. Hurt by the company Softmar
  4. Trawers by the company Tres
  5. Megavat by the company Comped Sp. z o.o.
  6. CDN-Comarch company's solutions:
    • CDN XL,
    • CDN Optima,
  7. Sage Symfonia Forte,
  8. DGCS S.A. company solutions
    • Magazyn Multi,
    • Cafe Firma
  9. Insert Sp. z o.o. company's solutions
    • Subiekt GT
    • Subiekt 5 Euro,
    • Subiekt for Windows
  10. Asseco Poland S.A.:
    • Softlab SQL
    • Wa-Pro
  11. Microsoft Dynamics AX
  1. Downloading data from the client's external systems:
    • Product catalogues,
    • Client catalogues,
    • Warehouse inventories,
    • Price lists,
    • Client payments,
    • GIS system data,
    • Tasks.
  2. Inputting data from the Adept system into the client's external systems:
    • Orders,
    • Warehouse documents,
    • Trade documents,
    • Payments,
    • Events.
The benefits of implementing Adept connector:
  1. No need to make additional, time-consuming updates of product catalogues, business partners, prices, discount, warehouse inventories, units, unsettled payments in the mobile system.
  2. Automatic input of data from the mobile system to external systems: orders, payments etc.
  3. Maintaining the quality of exchanged data – limiting mistakes during manual data input.
  4. The possibility of filtering uploaded data by selected parameters,
  5. >The possibility of automatically cleaning data during exchange.
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