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Adept Distributor

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Adept Distributor is a class SFA (Sales Force Automation) system whose purpose is to aid representatives of trade distribution companies following the preselling model.

Windows Mobile and Android are the system platforms for devices used by sales representatives. Smartphones and tablets, depending on the user's screen size preference, are the most commonly chosen devices.

The Adept Distributor system places emphasis on the system's operational aspect. The solution provides immediate access to data received from warehousing-sales software, such as business partners, product catalogues, warehouse inventories, prices, discounts, available offers and logistic data, thus enabling fast and intuitive order acceptance. Especially crucial is the application's compatibility with large amounts of operational data; there are many implementations in which the sales representative works with a base of over 20,000 products.

Apart from the preselling function, the system enables control at various levels. The control concerns customer relations, i.e. control over due payments, specified value and quantity targets, the completion level of accepted orders, as well as the sales representative and his/her work: the execution of work schedule, including its assessment in terms of the amount of projected revenue and the optimization of service costs, the assessment of the efficiency of sales actions based on the completion of sales plans.

Adept Distributor functions on the basis of two-direction data exchange between three integral elements of the system whose common point is the Adept Data Exchange Server. The server software manages communication between the system's mobile users and the warehousing-sales software of the client. The management desktop is an integral part of the system – it provides an immediate preview of the data sent by sales representatives and enables the data to be analysed by their supervisors.
  1. Main application window


  2. Route – this window shows the list of clients added to the route,


  3. GPS integration,

  4. Payments,


  5. Orders,


  6. Surveys,


  7. Tasks,


  8. Documents from the warehousing-sales system


  9. Sales report for all clients,


  10. Sales graph,



  11. Sales schedule

Benefits of implementing Adept Distributor:
  1. Immediate access to data available in the warehousing-sales software,
  2. Automatic transfer of orders and payments to the invoicing system,
  3. Constant supervision over sales plans,
  4. The option to settle marketing materials,
  5. Supervision over sales representatives in terms of presence at the client and the time of visits,
  6. Limitation of mistakes during the manual input of orders and payments into the warehousing-sales software,
  7. The possibility of optimizing work schedules prepared by representatives,
  8. Improving the presentation of the product offer with a photo gallery,
  9. Access to flexible marketing tools in the form of marketing sets,
  10. Compatibility with any price-discount system defined in the warehousing-sales software,
  11. The option of organizing a marketing action in the system,
  12. Smooth processing of tens of thousands of product and client catalogues,
  13. Constant supervision over client debts,
  14. Licenses support.
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