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Adept Producer

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Adept-Producer is a mobile sales system dedicated to production companies with many Sales Representatives working in the field.

The Adept-Producer mobile application requires one of the following systems to operate: Windows Mobile, Android.

The offered solution involves a harmonious combination of direct sales and preselling-type indirect sales. In one unified system we provide you with solutions which automate the management of orders from direct clients (distribution wholesalers and large-format stores) and intermediate clients (retail stores) to whom the ordered products are delivered through an intermediary link – the distribution wholesalers.

In the Adept-Producer system, sales orders are often preceded by various actions on the part of the Sales Representative, which are often as important as the sales process itself. On the one hand, there are activities connected with the availability and presentation of products on the shelf, commonly referred to as merchandising. In this case, emphasis is placed on providing a standard of availability, i.e. a scheduled quantity of available products on the shelf, and providing a standard of presentation measured, depending on the industry, by parameters describing the size of the visible product on the shelf, e.g. the number of faces, the width of the shelf etc. To perform these tasks, the system uses flexible forms filled out by the Sales Representative during the visit and, to confirm the current status, it is obligatory to take a photo of the shelf. For the purpose of analysis, client standards are often categorized. On the other hand, by providing product surveys and marketing tasks, the system enables, among others, the analysis of the prices of our products and those of the competition, the performance of marketing actions specifically aimed at select client groups.

Other marketing tools supported by the Adept-Producer system include the support of POS marketing materials, gifts and product exchanges on the part of the clients. The system provides information about the current materials available at the Sales Representative as well as the key materials available at the client.

The Adept-Producer system is also a base of information concerning the processes occurring within the company. Without needing to visit the company, the Sales Representative has access to the company's internal mail, necessary presentations and training materials as well as an up-to-date catalogue of new products.

The system also enables the assessment of the Sales Representative's efficiency and co-operation with a given client by comparing the revenue with the costs of its acquisition.

Production companies often operate throughout the whole country or even outside its borders. As a result, the system must enable the modelling of organizational structure, management levels with proper access to data and supervisory tools. The Adept-Producer contains two management applications dedicated, respectively, to middle management and top-level management. Depending on the level in the organizational structure, operational or strategic supervision is performed. On the one hand, we can analyse data, e.g. in the form of a given Representative's scheduled route, its completion in terms of time and GPS location, the commencement and conclusion of the order-acquisition aspect of the visit; on the other hand, the system is based on aggregates – it analyses sales mechanisms on the level of the whole corporation.
  1. Main application window


  2. Route – this window shows the list of clients added to the route,


  3. GPS integration,


  4. Order -order form and order terms,

  5. Aavilability monitoring

  6. Exposition monitoring


  7. Rotation,


  8. Complaints


  9. Survey,



  10. Task


  11. Work schedule,


  12. Sales schedules


  13. Sales report,

  14. Sales graph


Benefits of implementing Adept Producent
  1. All information in one place
  2. Immediate access to trade information, such as: trade offer with prices, available marketing offers, marketing actions, client's sales history, fulfilment of the sales schedule.
  3. Accelerating and unifying the sales representative's reporting,
  4. Increasing the efficiency of the representative's work by automating the delivery of orders to the supplier,
  5. Supervision over the delivery of products to the client by direct comparison of the order with its completion at the client,
  6. Increase in the representative's prestige thanks to the image of a technologically advanced company,
  7. sales representatives gain access to trade data such as: the product offer, promotional actions, prices, information about marketing actions, historical data concerning co-operation with the client (sales, POS materials, exchanges, price cuts);
  8. Increase in the efficiency of visit planning - the option for supervisors to analyse the representatives' work schedules,
  9. The option to input and analyse quality data using marketing tools, surveys, tasks and polls.
  10. The option to perform a benchmark analysis of the efficiency of our market policy and that of the competition,
  11. Verification of agreements signed with distributors and large-format stores, using tools for monitoring availability and presentation,
  12. Determining the ROI with a given client,
  13. Supervising the representative's presence at the client's headquarters using a GPS module,
  14. Reporting the representative's actions on various levels of generality,
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