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Adept Vanseller

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Adept Vanseller is a mobile sales system dedicated to distribution companies, which supports sales performed by the Sales Representative directly from the car, the so-called vanselling. The application's key function is the option to issue trade documents while in the field: invoices and receipts, including fiscal documents and warehouse documents: Goods Dispatched Note, Warehouse Transfer Sheet, Goods Received Note.

It is a common rule in mobile vanselling that the Sales Representative works using only one virtual warehouse from which the sales are conducted. This ensures efficient supervision and prediction of stock availability on the Representative's part, as well as integral numbering of the issued documents.

Apart from the sales function, the system provides access to the current status of payment settlements with the client and the option to issue cash register documents: Cash Register Receipt and Cash Register Disbursement, in connection with sales documents issued previously and introduced during the current visit at the client. Depending on the assumed corporate solutions, failure to make timely payments may result in banning the client from the system, thus preventing the client from making further purchases.

All documents issued during the visit at the client, i.e. sales documents – invoice, receipt, warehouse documents (Goods Dispatched Note, Warehouse Transfer Sheet, Goods Received Note) and cash register documents (Cash Register Receipt and Cash Register Disbursement) may be printed using a mobile printer. The printers may be non-fiscal or fiscal. All printers used in mobile vanselling are characterized by mobility – they can operate using internal power.

The Adept Vanseller system for Sales Representatives operates on Windows Mobile and Android. The most popular mobile devices for work in vanselling are characterized by higher tolerance to changes in the environment, especially temperature and moisture fluctuations, as well as mechanical damage. Most of them meet the industrial standards ip54, while select devices also meet the standards ip65 and ip67.
  1. Main application window


  2. Route – this window shows the list of clients added to the route,


  3. GPS integration,

  4. Payments,


  5. Dokument


  6. Surveys,


  7. Tasks


  8. Sales report for all clients


  9. Sales graph,



  10. Sales schedule

The benefits of implementing Adept vanseller
  1. Automation of vanseller work thanks to the option of quickly and intuitively introducing sales documents into the system and printing them using a mobile printer,
  2. Immediate access to trade information, such as: trade offer with prices, available marketing offers, marketing actions, client's sales history, fulfilment of the sales schedule.
  3. The system keeps track of sale viability in terms of availability in the mobile warehouse,
  4. Reduces the duration of the representative's visit thanks to quick access to necessary information,
  5. Optimizes the execution of debts,
  6. Enables the adaptation of the size of the mobile warehouse to the potential of the scheduled route,
  7. Increases supervision over the sales team by monitoring the work of vansellers - each action taken by the employee using a the mobile device is registered, while the central application presents the vanseller's daily activity,
  8. Increase in the number of the representative's visits thanks to the quicker execution of individual tasks,
  9. Provides immediate inter-company communication.
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